Defining Life

A living environment with broad prosperity

For Ballast Nedam Development, the future has already begun. We continuously go above and beyond real estate and develop balanced living environments where residents and users feel comfortable and safe. An environment that offers a broad sense of well-being, which we achieve by approaching urban development as a holistic ecosystem. We continuously aim to maximize societal benefits arising from the cumulative and connective impact of all life-defining elements: nature, health, community, design & architecture, sustainability, and the economy. We firmly believe that these elements are the building blocks of future-proof residential, working, and living environments. That is why we focus all our efforts and energy on creating a sustainable living environment while we constantly look beyond the dot on the horizon.

A stronger impact than ever expected

With every project we take on, we consciously focus on its impact and we want to make sure that we only contribute positively to the immediate environment, the world in general, and the people. The built environment and nature are under pressure, yet we firmly believe that we can offer an essential contribution by prioritizing people's health, flora and fauna, the economy, and society as a whole. We know that the impact of urban development on life today is stronger than people could ever imagine. That is why we raise the bar and add a new level of ambitions to our entire industry and the science relating to the built environment.