Below you will find an overview of the events and activities taking place during Provada. Provada is the annual meeting point for professionals in the real estate sector, where innovation, networking, and knowledge sharing are central.

Launch of Carbon Credits Horizons, Amsterdam
Tuesday, June 11 at 13:00 – Launch including presentation

With its circularity, biodiversity, and positive energy balance, Horizons contributes to a climate-neutral and nature-inclusive Amsterdam. The sustainability measures taken are an integral part of the architecture. The Horizons apartment building is constructed of wood, generates more energy than it uses, stores more CO2 than it will ever emit, purifies its own wastewater, and provides more living space for animals than for people. That is Horizons in Amsterdam. Horizons shows that the future can be built tomorrow.

The launch of Carbon Credits for Project Horizons in Amsterdam will take place at the Ballast Nedam Development stand. This innovation promises an economic and ecological revolution for investments from both companies and governments.

Sacha Brons (Head of Construction Stored Carbon, Climate Cleanup)
Matthijs Weggemans (Developer, Ballast Nedam Development)

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Eleven Square Amsterdam, milestone celebration
Tuesday, June 11 at 14:30 – Presentation and celebration

We are pleased to announce that the plan for Eleven Square is irrevocable! This means that Amsterdam will soon be enriched with a revolutionary living concept that is not just a building, but a living, breathing community. Eleven Square stands for health, sustainability, livability, and shareability - values that are essential for new generations.

Eleven Square is more than just a living space; it is a 24/7 vibrant community that combines living with working and relaxing in an international setting while nurturing the authentic soul of Amsterdam. The project offers all the modern amenities essential for the lifestyle of new generations: health, sustainability, livability, and community spirit.

At Eleven Square, residents, neighbors, and visitors come together to live in an environment that invites interaction, innovation, and inspiration. This project is not just a place to live, but a platform for sharing experiences and creating lasting connections.

Annique Guyaux (Project Manager, Municipality of Amsterdam)
Maurice Wieland (Project Developer, AM)
Richard de Jong (Project Developer, Ballast Nedam Development)

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Strandeiland №1 - In a Class of Its Own
Tuesday, June 11 at 16:00 – Presentation

Strandeiland №1 elevates sustainability, the beauty of an island abundant in nature, an energy concept, and a close-knit neighborhood to a new standard. The plan will soon accommodate 215 homes, including both ground-level houses and apartments. The planned program consists of a good mix of 48 mid-range rental homes, 32 mid-range owner-occupied units, and 135 homes in the free sector.

Discover the story behind the sustainable revolution on Strandeiland during an engaging presentation. Architect Tjeerd Haccou, co-founder of Space&matter, and developer Jacob Versteeg Conlledo from Ballast Nedam Development will share their insights into the design process that places sustainability at its core. Learn how Strandeiland, as the newest member of the IJburg archipelago, sets a new standard for urban development with a focus on nature, energy efficiency, and community building.

Speakers: Tjeerd Haccou (Co-founder, Space&matter) Jacob Versteeg Conlledo (Project Developer, Ballast Nedam Development)

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Millions in Social Benefits Thanks to De Groene Loper, Maastricht
Wednesday, June 12 at 14:30 – Presentation

Discover how the tunneling of the A2 in Maastricht has not only reduced traffic congestion but also significantly enhanced the city's livability. Our recent study shows that the quality of life around De Groene Loper has substantially improved. These findings highlight the crucial role of social benefits in the cost-benefit analysis of urban infrastructure projects. With a growing focus on improving urban living environments, our research provides important insights relevant to similar projects worldwide. Learn more about how these findings can transform the way we approach urban infrastructure.

Speakers: Nick Slokker (Product & Strategy Consultant, Realstats) Tessa Haarler (Developer, Ballast Nedam Development)

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Cartesius as Preventive Medicine
Wednesday, June 12 at 16:00 – Presentation

The covenant 'Building a Healthy Neighborhood' is an initiative focused on transforming the Cartesius district into a model of urban health. Recently, this collaboration with entities such as the Municipality, University, University of Applied Sciences, and UMC Utrecht received a significant financial boost through a subsidy from ZonMw, specifically aimed at creating a healthy community.

During the presentation, we will delve deeper into the future plan that will be developed under the framework of subsidy acquisition. This will ensure that social cohesion is strengthened and living conditions in the neighborhood positively contribute to residents' health. By providing insight into the strategic approach and the expected impact, we will explain how these developments will offer a sustainable and inclusive future for the residents of Cartesius.

Speakers: Martin Chaigneau (Senior Advisor Healthy Neighborhood, Municipality of Utrecht) Inge Janssen (Advisor Healthy Living Environment, Municipality of Utrecht) Jacob Versteeg Conlledo (Developer, Ballast Nedam Development)

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