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Making the world a greener, healthier and happier place through urban development

Built on a legacy of innovation

Right at the heart of our future-proof urban development approach lies the business strategy of placing people living in harmony with nature in the center. As the pressure on the urban landscape and our ecosystem stronger is than ever before, it is paramount that intrinsic values set the tone as they determine our wellbeing, happiness, and our success, while contributing to a sustainable environment for our stakeholders. Ballast Nedam’s history and tradition of innovation goes back more than 145 years, to 1877. Together with our parent company Renaissance and partner IFC (World Bank Group), it is our common goal and ambition to create a positive impact on the world on a local, national and international level.

Our Projects

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Long-term value

Ballast Nedam Development sets the tone and adds long-term value to all its projects and within its industry. We don't wait for the outcome of social discussions but anticipate and lead the debate. We go above and beyond real estate, which makes us a leading factor in the Dutch urban development sector: we even dare to say that we shape the circular world on a dialy basis. Creating a world where people, nature, sustainable growth, and business activities can all thrive side by side is our core-business. A world in which we respect our planet and contribute to creating a never-ending cycle of energy sources and increase the use of materials. We are determined to make the world a greener, healthier and happier place through urban development.

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How to shape a circular world?


Leading change

We take responsibility and get policymakers and partners involved in incorporating the solutions of the future into our projects today. In 2017, Ballast Nedam Development was the first large-scale urban developer to go fossil gas-free. This eventually prompted policymakers to make gas-free buildings a legal requirement. In 2018, we upped our own game by developing the first large-scale residential area entirely focused on and equipped for healthy urban living. From 2019, only energy-neutral homes, and even houses with a higher energy performance rate, are sold. And we never stop challenging ourselves. This resulted in the Ballast Nedam Development Decree and an average BENG 2 = 0 score over 2021. We go beyond the minimum requirements as stipulated in the Dutch Building Decree. We aim for the maximum achievable results: energy-neutral and healthy housing, the sharing economy, a nature-inclusive and climate-adaptive environment, and – whenever possible – construction processes based on the use of circular and prefab materials. In 2022, we are once again took the lead in our search for the scalable and climate-positive Ballast Nedam Development Nature House. In 2023 we were the first developer to launch trade of carbon credits on climate positive housing.

How do we create positive impact?

Our people are being guided by a strong moral compass to facilitate prosperity for society as a whole.

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