Defining Health

A healthy city

Health must neither be a hollow phrase or ambition nor a goal or motivation. Health is the essence, the core, and the meaning of life. Looking at health in a broader sense, it also embodies resilience and emotion – the power of humankind and society. It is the harmony that takes form when man and nature merge, relate to one another naturally, and generate energy. Energy to exercise and relax, and to offer space and live together. But also the energy to explore and discover.
This is the environment that we realize; a city where both mental and physical health are priority number one. A society that needs no time-related terms but stimulates to get out and about, explore, and experience happiness. Ballast Nedam Development develops for man and nature. We create stimuli that make the environment thrive. At the same time, we fully understand that healthy living starts behind the front door. For example, by maintaining a healthy diet, letting in sufficient natural light, and with proper ventilation and the prevention of air pollution.

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Cartesius, Utrecht