Defining Community

An eye to the future

A community is much more than people moving around in and outside buildings. It is a whole inviting system of interaction and motion, a social tissue that connects. A question we are often asked is: ‘Is it actually possible to build such a healthy society?’ Our answer is ‘Yes, absolutely.’ And it is what we do. Our development projects show our social engagement and responsibility, through which we stimulate inclusiveness, equal opportunities, and social interaction. We get the neighborhood engaged and create places where people can meet. At the same time, we create reference points and natural open doors to realize goals.
Recognition enhances the sense of homecoming. It is felt in the tree in front of your door and the church tower on the horizon. They are also places like parks or neighborhood allotments and glasshouses, where memories are made and people feel connected with their environment and neighbors. Increasing urbanization and social cohesion are not separate themes. They are interlinked and require a holistic approach. The city is the building's garden and must be designed to create that atmosphere. It needs space for sports, games, for meeting one another and celebrations, but also for relaxation and tranquility. We create enticing zones where everyone is welcome to facilitate this future-proof society.

Groene loper

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Groene Loper