Defining Design

Design & architecture

Architecture evokes emotions, responds to experiences, and (often) demands technical innovations. It facilitates the environment to live a healthy life and move about dynamically. It tempts interaction and creates an identity. Only a fine line separates architecture from engineering. After all, within the built environment, art and skills are two sides of the same coin. And yet, they are distinctly different in the fact that engineering is a technical approach whereas architecture adds value to the environment.


At the same time, architecture requires support and leadership, organizations that are willing to offer their view of the horizon and prepared to invest in sustainability and character. Ballast Nedam Development is such an organization. We surround ourselves with like-minded partners who want to merge design and sustainability to create appealing, perhaps even desirable, architecture. Places where we want to live and where life can thrive.


Ballast Nedam Development assesses designs not only on esthetic values but also on measurable themes that ensure a sustainable future. Our scorecards offer more insight, the Ballast Nedam Development Resolution is our norm, and we aim for the highest possible levels in every respect. Such a scorecard provides a clear view on perspectives to realize goals and what we and our partners need to prioritize in our projects.