Ballast Nedam Development has achieved a BENG 2 score of 0 with the homes sold over the past year.

In 2021 heeft Ballast Nedam Development alle grondgebonden woningen die in de verkoop zijn gebracht energieneutraal of beter ontwikkeld. Zelfs met appartementen werd een gemiddelde totaalscore van BENG 2 = 0 behaald voor de hele ontwikkelportefeuille. De ontwikkelportefeuille die in het afgelopen jaar in de verkoop is gegaan, bestond voor 42% uit appartementen en voor 58% uit grondgebonden woningen. In 2021 lanceerde het bedrijf ook het Ballast Nedam Development Besluit, waarin strengere normen worden gehanteerd dan de wet voorschrijft op het gebied van energie, gezondheid, (deel)mobiliteit, natuurinclusiviteit, klimaatadaptiviteit en circulariteit. Ballast Nedam Development was eerder al landelijk nieuws toen het in 2017 besloot om volledig gasloos te gaan ontwikkelen. Deze opmerkelijke stap werd later overgenomen in het regeerakkoord en werd wet in 2018.

Lessons learned

BENG 2 = 0 is still not common practice in construction and real estate development. Especially in apartment complexes, it is said to be unfeasible. Ballast Nedam Development demonstrates with these new figures that it is indeed possible, considering the portfolio of sold homes in 2021.


Experience shows that apartments can largely be made energy-neutral, with 87% achieving this in 2021. By incorporating this energy-neutral sustainability ambition at the outset of the development and design process, roof surfaces can be maximized and potential facade losses minimized. Additionally, by connecting other adjacent roofs, such as those on parking garages, we were able to achieve this ambition. Unfortunately, it is still not feasible everywhere, but we embrace new innovations.

It can be done

One of our newest projects, Horizons Amsterdam, applies solar panels on the overhangs of the floor slabs, which also provide cooling through proper shading on the lower apartments. The facades themselves are utilized for solar panels, creating space for the restoration of nature and biodiversity. This includes the possibility of various rooftop landscapes that simultaneously function as the city parks of the future. Through these measures, the built environment not only becomes energy-generating but also serves as an (urban) ecoduct connecting nature.

Grondgebonden woningen

In the case of ground-based homes, all were energy-neutral or better. In general, in the Netherlands, not much extra attention is paid to generating additional energy for household use in district heating systems. We find this regrettable, as our energy needs in the Netherlands will change dramatically in the coming years with the rise of electric vehicles and shared mobility, and we need to prepare our country for that. Despite the lack of this necessity, we will therefore install additional panels at homes in the future, providing extra capacity for electric vehicle charging. This year, we successfully completed a trial run for this on Island D in Westerdel Langedijk.


The first energy-positive homes by Ballast Nedam Development were put up for sale last year in Berckelbosch. These homes are equipped with a heat pump. Zero-energy and energy-positive homes will become the trend for us in 2022 for homes with their own energy generation system.

Lower monthly costs through green financing

When individually considering all homes brought to the market, 95% are energy-neutral or better. Dutch citizens are ready for a change in energy for their own homes and household consumption, now that it's undeniably affecting household budgets harshly and unpredictably. Due to the gas-free building law, the demand for energy-neutral homes has surged. The transition to an energy-neutral home is now very small, the market demands it, and it quickly saves money for residents in the form of very low energy costs. Energy savings also have an additional positive effect on monthly mortgage payments compared to poorly performing new-build homes. Additionally, green financing options assist investors in building an extra energy-efficient investment portfolio.

Beyond real estate

Ballast Nedam Development collaborates with various NGOs in the social and societal sphere concerning nature inclusivity, biodiversity, circularity, new forms of mobility, healthy lifestyles, and social cohesion. We continue to challenge ourselves to take that extra step and urge our partners to continue challenging us to push the boundaries of ambition together.