Eleven Square


Eleven Square

With Eleven Square, we are giving an impulse to the transformation of ArenAPoort. This transformation has a positive impact and attraction for both the area itself and its immediate surroundings: Amsterdam-Zuidoost and all of Amsterdam. This is done by the development consortium OMC, a collaboration between Ballast Nedam Development and AM.

ArenaAPpoort staat bekend als dé sport- en entertainmentbestemming van Amsterdam. Het succes van het aanwezige XL Entertainment draagt bij aan een groots opgezette en efficiënte programmering en buitenruimte. Door wonen, werken, diversiteit in horeca en dagelijkse voorzieningen toe te voegen, zorgen we ervoor dat ook buiten de piekmomenten van het XL Entertainment levendigheid in het gebied is. Daarnaast voegen we meer voordeuren toe in een heldere en transparante plint, om zo de verbinding met de stad te creëren.


  • 2,5 hectare
  • 9 building blocks
  • 645 Homes
Both programmatically, and in a physical sense, Eleven Square connects with its immediate surroundings, thus strengthening the urban dynamics of the entire ArenAPoort. The mix of functions strengthens the position of Amsterdam ArenAPoort in the field of entertainment; by complementing the existing large leisure functions with smaller leisure functions, hospitality, retail and urban amenities, a lively district is created throughout the week.

The addition of several hundred homes is a welcome addition for the city to meet the current high housing demand. The housing is primarily intended for first-time buyers in the housing market.

Eleven Square a 2.5-acre area will soon form a district with housing, offices, retail, food & beverage, a theater and a hotel. Much attention has been paid to the urban integration into the fabric of the existing Arena area. Four clusters consisting of 9 building blocks form attractive streets and squares where residents, users and visitors meet.


In addition, 645 homes have been realized in the Eleven Square project, each offering a unique combination of comfort, style and functionality. These homes have been carefully designed with attention to detail and equipped with modern amenities to optimize residents' living enjoyment. With a diversity of architectural designs and different living options, Eleven Square offers a vibrant and dynamic living environment to suit the needs of different households.