Tunnel Eleven Square is looking for a temporary cultural (night) program.

Nearby Station Bijlmer ArenA, there is a concrete tunnel waiting for a destination. Over the next 2 to 3 years, this tunnel will be available for a temporary cultural (night) program. The Municipality of Amsterdam and the development partnership OMC (a collaboration between Ballast Nedam Development and AM) are seeking a party to develop, realize, and operate an inspiring program. Ideally, this program will be developed in collaboration with local cultural entrepreneurs and will contribute to the area and the (night) culture in Amsterdam. From May 16 to June 16, 2023, proposals for the temporary use can be submitted.

De tunnel

On the grass field next to the AFAS Live, we will develop the Eleven Square project in the coming years. This project includes an underground parking garage, with the tunnel serving as its entrance. The entrance will be completed before the building, leaving the tunnel vacant for 2 to 3 years. The tunnel comprises 410 square meters of outdoor space and 475 square meters of indoor space. While the location has few facilities, it offers ample possibilities. Check out the photo album with images of the tunnel and reference pictures.


Who can bring this tunnel to life? We invite you to present a plan for the temporary use of the tunnel. The aim is for the program to align with the offerings in the surrounding area and with the character of Zuidoost, such as local culture and music. At the same time, we aim for innovation and enrichment compared to the existing offerings. The selection committee will evaluate all proposals and ultimately choose the winner. When selecting the right party, the jury will consider a number of conditions.

You can read the full message with the conditions on the website of the Municipality of Amsterdam here.