Nieuw Delft


Nieuw Delft

Delft is building the future of the city in the former railroad zone: Nieuw Delft, a new connecting urban area next to the historic city center and the new railway station. Ballast Nedam Development is developing 1/3 of the area and together with Project bureau Nieuw Delft we are going to accelerate the development of Nieuw Delft.

This central city area has a redevelopment with a size of about 1000 - 1500 new houses and apartments with associated facilities and commercial real estate at a place where previously the train meandered through the city. The train now runs underground, giving downtown Delft all the space it needs to develop Nieuw Delft. An urban area with every imaginable amenity within easy reach, next to the historic center. Delft has a very wide range of shopping, living, learning, working and relaxing facilities in a mix of old and new. The brand new public transport hub with international train station in Delft meets all modern mobility requirements.


With a diverse program of owner-occupied and rental housing, we are responding to the housing need in Delft. A diversity of housing types has been added to the city, rental and owner-occupied housing, an inclusive plan that suits current needs. The owner-occupied apartments range from 44 to 139 m² and have balconies facing southwest, south or southeast. There are also a number of apartments with generous roof terraces. The park homes are generous houses of about 200 m² with a garden and the possibility of a roof terrace. The remaining homes are owned by two investors and are rented out.



Located in the Coenders neighborhood, on the Graaf Floriskade, Floris consists of 9 generous townhouses. The townhouses in Floris are one of a kind. They have their own recognizable facade and range from 145 to 160 m². All houses are individually designed and have their own appearance. Differences are in the floor plans, storey height, the design and materials of the facades and the possibilities for a loft. One of the houses was designed during the year of Mondrian and has the distinctive surface division executed in a nature-inclusive green facade that promotes biodiversity and helps improve the inner-city climate.


Gezicht op Delft

On this prominent corner appears the apartment complex Gezicht op Delft with 21 luxury apartments and 4 penthouses including private parking. The location of Gezicht op Delft is seen as the most beautiful part of New Delft, connecting to the historic city center and overlooking the water of De Kolk. Gezicht op Delft was designed by FARO Architects from Lisserbroek.



Vermeer consists of three small-scale apartment buildings located directly on the Westsingelgracht in New Delft. The buildings fit a healthy, sustainable lifestyle, thinking innovatively about mobility and healthy urbanization. In the elaboration of the building, special attention is paid to many different sustainability aspects, and Vermeer we develop almost energy-neutral (EPC≤0.26).

On the first floor of Vermeer 2 studios will be realized, in the floors above there is space for 60 compact city apartments ranging from 50 to 72m2.



  • 6 Developments
  • 1500 Homes
  • 13 year Duration

In cooperation with BPD, we are realizing a tough, urban and sturdy residential building with large town houses and luxury apartments on the 'banks' of Nieuw Delft. PoortMeesters owes its name to the two gates that provide access to the green and peaceful inner garden. But not only that, PoortMeesters is also the gateway of tranquility to the liveliness of the renewed city area and the historic center of Delft.

In PoortMeesters there is attention to special architecture, public space, art and design. Work at home, have a parent live in or relax on the ground floor in a spacious apartment. And because the cars are parked out of sight in the garage, you also have plenty of space outside and children can play safely in the green courtyard garden.


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