Festive delivery of 100 rental homes in Tuinbuurt Vrijlandt Rotterdam

Festive delivery of 100 rental homes in Tuinbuurt Vrijlandt Rotterdam

With the festive delivery of a whopping 100 rental homes in Tuinbuurt Vrijlandt, Havensteder instantly provides a large number of new households with a sustainable and green new home in a socially connected neighborhood. The festive delivery took place in the presence of Alderman Chantal Zeegers, the new residents, and the area developer Ballast Nedam Development. All tenants receive a 3-year family subscription for the local playground from Ballast Nedam Development and the Tenant Platform Lombardijen, which also grants access to the other 7 affiliated playgrounds. Additionally, Ballast Nedam Development has planted a tree symbolizing the green future of the neighborhood.

Connecting People and Nature in Tuinbuurt Vrijlandt

The 100 rental homes are mixed throughout the neighborhood and include both ground-level houses and apartments. As a gift to the new tenants of the rental homes in Tuinbuurt Vrijlandt, a family subscription for 3 years has been provided. This subscription can be used for all 7 Rotterdam playgrounds managed by Stichting Kids, including the local Smeetsland playground. By letting children play, a better community will emerge. The social ties in the neighborhood are strengthened as families spend more time together, contributing to a healthy and happy living environment.

A Flying Start

In addition to the subscriptions, all new residents received a bird package from Vogelbescherming Nederland at the key moment. This helps residents open their eyes to their feathered neighbors. The bird packages make a garden or balcony more bird-friendly, and residents quickly discover different bird species.

A Healthy Future for the Neighborhood

The tree planted by Ballast Nedam Development symbolizes the green and healthy future of the new neighborhood. The tree represents growth, resilience, and a sustainable future for the residents of Tuinbuurt Vrijlandt. During the design phase, much attention was paid to promoting biodiversity in this garden village of the 21st century. Tuinbuurt Vrijlandt is thus becoming a nature-inclusive and climate-adaptive neighborhood in the heart of the city.

Maarten Wittens, Regional Director South-West at Ballast Nedam Development: "We are delighted to welcome Havensteder's tenants to Tuinbuurt Vrijlandt. We wish everyone a lot of joy in this sustainable garden village. We have paid a lot of attention to extra greenery, nature-inclusive construction, and creating a child-friendly neighborhood. Therefore, we are pleased to be able to offer the tenants of Havensteder a 3-year family subscription to the Smeetsland playground together with the Lombardijen tenants' platform."

Urias Santos Bakker, Director Maintenance & Development at Havensteder: "Through Havensteder, 100 households have found a new home in Tuinbuurt Vrijlandt. Nice to be able to celebrate that with the new residents. With the delivery of these sustainable homes, we contribute again to solving the social housing shortage in Rotterdam. The mix of purchase and social rental ensures a diverse neighborhood. Also among our tenants, there is diversity, from new residents like young starters to movers who have traded a large single-family home for an apartment. This fits nicely within the ambitions of the National Program Rotterdam South."

Chantal Zeegers, alderman for Climate, Building, and Living at the Municipality of Rotterdam: "Tuinbuurt Vrijlandt adds a beautiful residential neighborhood to Lombardijen. Extra attention has been paid to greenery, play facilities, and sustainability. There is plenty of space to meet each other, organize something, or play. A varied neighborhood with room for every budget also ensures good flow within the neighborhood. And sustainable elements, such as energy-neutral homes, make the neighborhood completely future-proof!"

About Tuinbuurt Vrijlandt

Ballast Nedam Development, in collaboration with Havensteder and the Municipality of Rotterdam, developed Tuinbuurt Vrijlandt, a green and sustainable neighborhood in the heart of Rotterdam. Ballast Nedam West is building 190 homes in various segments, along with 50 social rental single-family homes and 50 social rental apartments. All homes are energy-neutral, gas-free, and connected to district heating. The neighborhood has a high sustainability score (GPR 8), including mechanical ventilation with heat recovery, rainwater collection, and green roofs for biodiversity and insulation.

Tuinbuurt Vrijlandt is an inclusive neighborhood where rental and owner-occupied homes coexist, creating a diverse community. This promotes connectedness and solidarity and contributes to the goals of the National Program Rotterdam South to improve residential quality.

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More information about renting the social rental homes can be found at www.Havensteder.nl/tuinbuurt-vrijlandt