First residents move into Garden Neighborhood Vrijlandt Rotterdam

A special day for the first six residents of Tuinbuurt Vrijlandt, today they took delivery of the key to their sustainable homes in this healthy area development by Ballast Nedam Development. In total, Ballast Nedam West, responsible for the realization, will deliver 16 of the 290 owner-occupied homes this week. In addition, the first 34, of the total 100 social housing units, for housing corporation Havensteder will also be delivered. The buyers and tenants will also receive a bird kit during the delivery to make their garden or balcony attractive to birds. During the design phase, much attention was paid at the drawing board to stimulating biodiversity in this garden village of the 21st century. With this, Tuinbuurt Vrijlandt will become a nature inclusive and climate adaptive neighborhood in the middle of the city.

'The bird kits help residents open their eyes to their winged neighborhood companions. Through the packs, they make their garden more bird-friendly and soon discover one bird species after another. We find that this fosters a love of birds that makes them want to take better care of “their” birds. So we think it is great that Ballast Nedam Development is so committed to bird-friendly neighborhoods and are proud of this special cooperation, “said Hanne Tersmette-Strijland of Vogelbescherming Nederland.

Ballast Nedam Development developed this green and sustainable neighborhood in the middle of Rotterdam in collaboration with Havensteder and the municipality of Rotterdam. Ballast Nedam West is building the homes and Ballast Nedam Road Specialties is taking care of preparing them for construction and housing. In total, 190 owner-occupied homes in various segments and 50 social rental single-family homes and 50 social rental apartments will be built by Havensteder.

Opportunity Equality

The fact that there are rental and owner-occupied homes in different segments creates an inclusive neighborhood. This also fits well with the social aspect of the garden village idea, where residents can help each other and be there for each other. With this, Tuinbuurt Vrijlandt contributes significantly to the objectives of the NPRZ (National Program Rotterdam South). This program's objectives include improving the quality of living in Rotterdam South.

“This neighborhood is spacious and designed in distinctive architecture,” said Malou Verheijden, project manager at Havensteder. “Tuinbuurt Vrijlandt will be a mixed neighborhood, but the quality of the social rental housing is identical to the owner-occupied housing. Every child here will grow up in a child-friendly green environment that stimulates the imagination and invites outdoor play. The sustainable, green design of the neighborhood and the variety of characteristically designed homes add value to the quality of the neighborhood and the enjoyment of living here. With this pleasant living environment, I am convinced that we are making a valuable contribution to the National Program Rotterdam South.”

Tuindorpstijl in een modern en duurzaam jasje

Tuinbuurt Vrijlandt draws inspiration from the garden village style and is characterized by specific spatial features and its social nature. Greenery is extensively used in public spaces and for boundary delineations. The incorporation of decorative elements such as gates and ornaments is a typical feature and is reflected in the design of Tuinbuurt Vrijlandt. For example, the plan includes two gate houses, and all homes have ornaments next to the front door that reference the versatility of a garden village.

The homes are energy-neutral, equipped with green certificates, and have material passports. Tuinbuurt Vrijlandt boasts a high GPR score of 8. All homes are gas-free due to connection to district heating, have mechanical ventilation with heat recovery, and, due to the green gardens, are equipped with rain barrels as standard. Moss/sedum covers the roofs of the garden sheds.

Maurice and Merel have received the keys to their house: "The sustainable aspect of Tuinbuurt Vrijlandt appealed to us a lot; we consider a sustainable home very important," says Maurice. "This way, we are also well-prepared for the future. We are happy to be off gas and generate our own energy. Merel is a fan of flowering trees, and there will be plenty of blossoms in this neighborhood, which we are really looking forward to! We are also excited about the first neighborhood barbecue. We are already in contact with each other and are eager to create a great neighborhood together."

Maarten Wittens, Regional Director South-West at Ballast Nedam Development, expressed his delight in welcoming the first buyers and tenants of Havensteder to Tuinbuurt Vrijlandt. He wishes everyone a lot of joy in living in this sustainable garden village. They have paid great attention to incorporating extra greenery and nature-inclusive building practices. As a result, alongside the residents, birds and bats will also inhabit the facades of the homes. With all 290 homes under construction, subsequent deliveries will follow steadily, and the entire neighborhood will be completed in just over a year.

Sales and rentals are in full swing.

The homes are being delivered in different phases. In the most recent phase, there are still homes available. This summer, the first residents can already enjoy their new homes. Interested in living in Tuinbuurt Vrijlandt? Check out the latest offerings of homes for sale and the progress of construction on the website

For more information about sales, you can contact our real estate agents Niels Zilverschoon from TW3 makelaars and Cas Langstraat from Woonvisie NVM makelaars.

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