Primeur: Cartesius Utrecht wordt de eerste Health of Health-gebiedsontwikkeling.

Cartesius Utrecht takes the lead as the first 'Heart of Health' area development. Cartesius embodies all aspects of the pillars outlined in the recently launched international regional positioning of Utrecht, the Heart of Health. This milestone was officially celebrated during the real estate fair Provada. Utrecht serves as the beating heart of the healthy society and aims to bring about sustainable, positive change as a region. The Heart of Health vision envisions a world where people can lead better lives, with more satisfaction, in an environment that promotes their well-being. Cartesius Utrecht, a sustainable urban district with approximately 3,000 residences, draws inspiration from the scientific theory of Blue Zones, areas of the world where people live longer, healthier, and happier lives.

Cartesius - een vooruitstrevende gezonde stadswijk

In and around Cartesius, people can live in harmony with each other, the city, and nature. Cartesius will be a vibrant, sustainable, and healthy urban neighborhood. It will feature a diverse and inclusive living environment and a spatial setting where encounters and physical activity take center stage. At least 30% of the neighborhood will be green space designed for relaxation and enjoyment. Additionally, this greenery will serve to promote climate adaptation and biodiversity in the area.

In this residential area, hardware and software are pivotal in facilitating a healthy individual and a healthy living environment. This is being shaped by science and by the area developers Ballast Nedam Development and MRP. The outcomes will be measured with scientific partners and applied where possible. Together with the Utrecht region, other area developments are encouraged to join the Heart of Health movement in Utrecht.

Michiel Dijkman, Director of the Economic Board Utrecht: "Utrecht is the beating heart of a healthy society. Healthy people live in a healthy living environment. Our companies and institutions have everything it takes to contribute the most to a healthier world. A project like Cartesius, a blue zone in a city where people live five years healthier, is a fantastic concrete example of that ambition. And all this through a wonderful collaboration of EBU members from the business community, government, and knowledge institutions. We can be proud of that."

Utrecht is located in the heart of one of the most competitive regions in Europe. As a home to innovation-focused companies, world-class knowledge institutions, progressive governments, and bright minds, we have earned our place on the world stage. We have the capabilities, resources, and support to create a healthier and more sustainable world for everyone. Cartesius is an urban development project that fits perfectly with this goal."

Onno Dwars, CEO of Ballast Nedam Development: "The consortium set the tone with Cartesius in 2017 when we won the tender with the Cartesius Concept for Healthy Urban Living. Cartesius is not only unique for Utrecht or the Netherlands, but also internationally, and will set new standards. In every aspect of the development, we apply the lessons that are supported by science and add new insights. The healthy mix of different homes and amenities will contribute to a healthy, sustainable, and green new urban district in Utrecht."

The first residents of Cartesius have been living there since this spring.

The sales and construction of Nicoya, the second phase of the Cartesius area development, will start in the spring of 2023. In the second phase, 770 homes will be built, including 165 social rental homes. The CAB will become the 'living room of the neighborhood' and will include a supermarket with a wide range of organic products, as well as restaurants and workspaces for creative companies. The Cartesius Park will be a green oasis in the heart of the neighborhood. In the first phase of the neighborhood, the first residents of the middle-rental homes moved into their new homes this spring.

Paul Trip, Special Advisor Development at MRP: "We are proud to be the first area development in the Netherlands to carry the Hearth of Health endorsed logo. In Cartesius, connection, as one of our pillars for the new urban district, is essential for a longer happy and healthy life. We believe it is important to stimulate and facilitate as many natural encounters as possible. That is why the Cartesius area association is already being established. Together with the Utrecht Metropolitan Area, other area developments are encouraged to also join the Heart of Health movement of Utrecht."

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Start construction second phase and sale Nicoya in Cartesius Utrecht

The sale of the homes in the second phase of the development project 'Nicoya' started in April. Nicoya was developed by MRP and Ballast Nedam Development, designed by Paul de Ruiter Architects with landscape architecture by Donker Design for the courtyard, and the urban development plan was created by Mecanoo. This extensive healthy development area is part of Cartesius in Utrecht, located next to Zuilen station, and will include approximately 3,000 residences ranging from social housing and starter homes to large apartments and luxury townhouses.