Start construction of the Haydn sub-plan in Berckelbosch

Het Berckelbosch gedicht verbindt

Ballast Nedam Development has entered into a special collaboration with Iris Penning, the city poet of Eindhoven, for the Berckelbosch Haydn project. The homes will feature (shared) facade benches with unique lines of poetry integrated into them. According to the city poet: "Each line can be read independently, but as you walk through the street, you also read a cohesive poem." On the two stately corner houses, as you enter the neighborhood from the rural area of Urkhoven, the entire Berckelbosch poem can be read. The poem is an ode to the Berckelbosch neighborhood, but above all, it invites residents and readers to interact with a passerby or neighbor. In doing so, Ballast Nedam Development creates identity and stimulates social cohesion in the neighborhood.


The distinctive 1930s design was created by NBArchitecten from Best. The typical 1930s architecture in this plan is characterized by deep overhangs, luxurious detailing, and meticulous brickwork accents. The stately gables and spacious bay windows contribute to a striking and timeless facade.

Haydn sub-phase goes even further than energy-neutral.

With Haydn, a sub-phase within Berckelbosch, modern living, architecture, sustainability, biodiversity, and residential happiness are given substance in the broadest sense of the word. Sustainability aspects and architecture are perfectly aligned. For instance, the roof area was taken as the starting point to determine the number of solar panels. As a result, far more solar panels have been incorporated than the legal requirements dictate. This not only creates a more aesthetically pleasing appearance but also takes the homes beyond energy-neutral; they even become energy-generating residences.

Furthermore, biodiversity in the neighborhood is being promoted. Together with the Royal Dutch Society for the Protection of Birds and the Mammal Society, sustainable nesting bricks for birds and bats have been chosen. An additional feature in Haydn is that, in addition to the green boundary fences, the sheds and extensions are equipped with a green sedum roof. Alongside the green layout of the plots and the preservation of mature public greenery, this contributes to the preservation and enhancement of biodiversity in the city, creating a pleasant environment.

The realization is being provided by Ballast Nedam South. Almost all homes have been sold; only a few homes located by the green city park are still available. Visit for the current housing offering.