CBRE Investment Management signs agreement for realization of over 350 apartments in Cartesius

CBRE Investment Management signed a development and realization agreement with the Cartesius consortium (MRP and Ballast Nedam Development) at PROVADA for over 350 apartments spread over 3 buildings in Cartesius Utrecht. The apartments are part of phase 2 of the Cartesius development, a diverse, sustainable and healthy new city district in Utrecht. This summer the construction of 56 apartments will start as part of the Nicoya subarea with a total of 242 homes. Later developments in the Loma Linda subarea and the apartment complex on the CAB will follow. On this monumental building, 246 free sector rental apartments will be realized that are directly connected to the Cartesius Park, an open green oasis in the middle of the district and the Green Loop around Cartesius. At least 30% of the neighborhood will be green to promote climate adaptation and biodiversity of the area.

The homes in Cartesius have limited energy consumption. The energy for hot tap water and heating is generated a collective soil energy source and equipped with solar panels. Every new resident will receive a free introductory subscription for shared mobility. There will be spacious and comfortable bicycle parking facilities and good bicycle paths. Thanks to the new bicycle tunnel under the railroad, Cartesius residents will be able to reach the historic city center quickly. Cartesius residents will have a membership in the Cartesius area association for all kinds of (joint) activities.

Paul Oremus (Country Manager and Manager Dutch Funds Netherlands CBRE Investment Management): “This acquisition in Cartesius Utrecht is part of the Dutch housing platform's strategy of investing in sustainable and healthy living and working environments. We are pleased with our participation in this area development and the designs do justice to what we stand for; high quality and sustainable housing in healthy and above all social environments.

The first building with 56 apartments to be constructed in phase 2, part of subarea Nicoya, was developed by the consortium and is a design by Paul de Ruiter Architects, construction is being realized by Ballast Nedam West. Nicoya's inner garden offers privacy and connects people and nature with beautiful walkways and seating elements to meet each other. The courtyard garden is a biotope designed in collaboration with the city ecologist and Mecanoo for landscape architecture. Native plants have been carefully selected to provide privacy for residents and relaxation for passersby. There will be a parking garage integrated into the courtyard garden. Trees literally grow from the parking garage. A beautifully designed entrance will walk you to the green courtyard garden that is connected to Cartesius Park. The green facades are jointly owned to ensure that everything is well maintained.

The CAB, designed by architect Mecanoo, will be the eye-catcher and identity carrier of Cartesius in Utrecht with functions focused on healthy food, community, exercise, meaning & relaxation. The CAB aims to activate the environment so that it becomes an attractive meeting place for residents and visitors. The CAB is therefore called the 'Living Room of the Neighborhood'. The monumental substructure combined with the ultramodern apartment building above it will become an internationally prominent interplay.


Bart Meijer (CEO MRP) “We are very pleased to have CBRE Investment Management as a trusted partner investing with us in the sustainable and healthy Cartesius area development in Utrecht. Especially the apartment building on the CAB will be a real eye-catcher. Building in the existing city is an important task to keep the city strong and the facilities intact. The transformation of and new construction on the CAB shows respect for heritage and shows that work can also be done above existing monuments to densify the city.”


Cartesius Healthy Urban Living

In and around Cartesius, people can live harmoniously with each other, the city and nature. Cartesius, inspired by the scientific theory of Blue Zones, will be a vibrant, sustainable and green urban neighborhood. A place to recharge. With the monumental building, known as the CAB, as a second living room and radiant center of the neighborhood. Cartesius creates a differentiated and inclusive residential environment and a spatial environment where meeting and natural movement are central, with its own identity and high ambitions. At least 30% of the area of the district will be green to enjoy, but also to promote climate adaptation and biodiversity of the area.

Onno Dwars (CEO Ballast Nedam Development) “The reuse of buildings is becoming increasingly important, icons like the new CAB will help reinforce this movement. It is an international example project, in a healthy area development, something that fits perfectly with an internationally oriented company like CBRE Investment Management. Through an architectural symbiosis between old and new, this design will soon transcend the function of the building itself. It will become part of a new world where hardware and software are seamlessly connected, where social infrastructure is built in a neighborhood and where development and construction is done with respect for people and nature. .”

Cartesius will feature a good mix of different housing types, allowing everyone to find a suitable home at every stage of life and make a housing career within the neighborhood. Phase 2-5, with over 2,600 homes, is being developed by MRP and Ballast Nedam Development.