Ballast Nedam Development wins Sustainable Residential Development Award for the Green Avenue in Maastricht

The urban development project ‘the Green Avenue’ in Maastricht has won the Sustainable Residential Development award 2020-2021 for the Netherlands. This internationally renowned award was issued by the European Property Awards and was held for the 27th time this year. In this award category, urban developers are awarded for exceptional sustainability efforts. The assessment was conducted by 80 international jury members that consist of industry experts only. Winning the award for the Green Avenue Maastricht is a confirmation of the international impact that the urban development makes and highlights a true icon for the Netherlands and beyond. The Green Avenue is also an example of incorporating health, well-being and expanding the ever-growing social benefits in surrounding neighborhoods too.

Trendsetting in Europe and beyond

Green Avenue Maastricht is a vast urban development with over 1100 homes and commercial spaces, a sustainable masterpiece for the city, the Netherlands and beyond. It was developed on the land that came available after the two-story (4 way) tunnel of A2 highway was realized underground. It reconnects the city in a sustainable way, both physically and socially. With a luscious green park and avenue, a completely new zero energy neighborhood, social housing and a staggering increase of property value in its surrounding with over 200 million euros and still rising.

Onno Dwars, Director of Ballast Nedam Development: “The Green Avenue in Maastricht shows the need for investing in quality of life in dense urban areas. Transforming the challenges of inner-city infrastructure into a high-quality residential, work- and living area is also an inspiration for other cities such as Antwerp, Brussels and even Paris. This urban development is a step forward towards our ultimate common goal of delivering fully circular urban developments throughout Europe by 2050.

The Green Avenue Maastricht scores high on social inclusivity, zero energy homes, circularity, architectural diversity, biodiversity and, above all, healthy indoor and outdoor air. This sustainable urban development is trend-setting at the European level. It is an international example of how to turn extreme pollution into a healthy living environment that benefits society as a whole.”

Partnerships are key

The Sustainable Residential Development award is presented annually to urban developers. However,  strong partnerships and collaborations with governments, infrastructure and construction companies. have been key throughout the process. Many charity organizations and NGO’s have embraced the project and realized many social initiatives at the Green Avenue.

Louis Prompers, Governmental Project Director A2 Highway Project Maastricht: “The cooperation between private and public parties pays off in order to achieve the greatest possible social return. Consistent management and having a jointly formulated comprehensive ambition is our formula for success. ”

Social return

Alderman of the Municipality of Maastricht and Governmental Chairman of the A2 Highway Project Gert-Jan Krabbendam also calls the Green Avenue a true boost when it comes to social return. “Thanks to the tunnel, an important barrier in Maastricht has disappeared, air quality has been greatly improved and the city has become more accessible. But the real return was created on ground level for the people’s well-being at the Green Avenue and its surroundings. We have moved nature into the city; enhancing our climate ambitions and prevention of heat stress or flooding. On the Green Avenue you will meet Maastricht’s residents of all shapes and sizes, ages, origins and cultures. A new part of Maastricht with the soul of the local community that will only get better.”

For more information about the Green Avenue Maastricht, please visit: corporate information about the urban developer sales website for residential real estate social initiatives