A heart for the world

Sustainability is part of everything we do. It is the foundation for the commercial success of our projects, and helps us to create green and comfortable living spaces. We care about people, society and the environment, while always putting our clients’ requirements at the heart of the work we undertake. That’s what makes us a future-proof project Developer.

A better living environment worldwide

Everyone has the right to a clean and safe living environment. That’s why in 2017 we signed up to the United Nations’ global targets: the Sustainable Development Goals. We are aware of our impact on the world, an awareness that is reinforced by our globally active parent company. The insights that we obtain elsewhere in the world help give us the edge here in the Netherlands.

Eco-friendly and circular

We consciously opt for materials with a maximum positive impact and a minimum footprint, on both a small and large scale. Wherever possible, we use circular or bio-based materials, and we choose practical, eco-friendly solutions, such as sedum roofs and special roof tiles that create an environment in which Dutch flora and fauna can thrive, even in more densely populated areas. We are learning about the possibilities that exist worldwide, and applying this expertise in our projects in the Netherlands.

Energy-efficient and zero emissions

One of the major benefits of our climate-conscious approach is that our buildings are energy-efficient. This is good both for the environment and your budget. We’re setting the bar higher all the time. Reducing carbon emissions is great, but carbon sequestration is even better. Solar panels, heat pumps and high-quality insulation: we’re incorporating everything that contributes to making the Netherlands entirely energy-neutral by 2050, and preferably sooner. For us, innovation is the way to keep pushing boundaries. What was still considered an innovation in one project has become the standard by the next.

Climate-adaptive: ensuring the Netherlands is well-protected

It’s very important to us to contribute to reducing the effects of climate change, like changes in temperature, higher water levels and heavier rainfall. That’s why in our projects we actively respond to these changes.

Are you curious about how our sustainability goals could be expressed in your project? Get in touch.