Start sales phase 2 sub-plan Groene Loper

05 September 2019

Ballast Nedam Development will realize more than 1,000 homes and apartments on the Groene Loper - a two-kilometre-long strip that runs over the new A2 tunnel in Maastricht. The project consists of multiple subprojects in several phases. The 46 spacious townhouses in this construction phase are designed with an eye for detail in the facades and are built with high-quality building materials.

Sustainability, Health and Biodiversity

Ballast Nedam Development values sustainability, health and biodiversity. For example, the houses are zero-energy and therefore very energy efficient. The Pure Air ventilation concept is also an option. Pure Air ensures clean indoor air. It filters fine dust and regulates optimum humidity, thus improving the health of the residents. 

In addition, biodiversity in the neighbourhood is also boosted. Built-in blocks for birds and bats are included in the homes. Together with the green layout of the plots and the preservation of mature greenery in the parking lots behind the houses and the 2,000 trees on the Groene Loper itself, this contributes to the preservation and enhancement of biodiversity in the city of Maastricht.



Sales price vary between € 315.000,- and € 610.000,-. More information on living at Groene Loper Maastricht is available at: