Ballast Nedam Development presents ‘Horizons Amsterdam’, setting international standards for sustainable residential development

06 August 2021

Horizons Amsterdam is the first building designed for and inspired by both humans and nature. This sustainable property development will be an international industry leader and a celebrated icon in Amsterdam. This project is being developed by Ballast Nedam Development with designs by Paul de Ruiter Architects and FLUX Landscape Architects. Horizons cultivates new applications for sustainable real estate and living environments. The newest innovations are integrated into this project with the ambition to contribute to a sustainable and circular world. It prevents social isolation and loneliness by offering a shared living room owned by its residents. Horizons Amsterdam is designed to breathe, think and feel.

The start of Horizons Amsterdam

Carolien Schippers, director of Land and Development for the Municipality of Amsterdam, and Onno Dwars CEO of Ballast Nedam Development have signed the agreement for the land on which Horizons Amsterdam will be built. The development includes the construction of 126 residential units and office space, with a total of 11.000 square meters. A unique feature about the building is the ground floor that act as a communal space and will be owned by the residents.

Onno Dwars, Ballast Nedam Development: “With Horizons Amsterdam, we are setting the new standard for sustainable residential development. This development shows that we can change the way of living in balance with the nature and restoring live on planet earth. We have all the ingredients to live a sustainable live. This will soon be a great place to live for both humans and nature because of its sustainable approach to building, living, and circular vision for the future.”

Paul de Ruiter, Founder and director Paul de Ruiter Architects: “By integrating circularity, energy requirements, nature inclusivity and considerations of future-proof architecture, a new standard is set for sustainable residential buildings”

Horizons Amsterdam: Five-fold sustainability icon

Horizons Amsterdam is the first building providing a positive influence on planet earth, its people, and animals. The building is based on an abundance of innovations within the fields of circularity, sustainability, and future-proof construction. This is the start of a new generation of buildings that can breathe, think, and feel, thus creating the ultimate functioning system as it mimics the human body. Horizons breathes through a variety of green landscapes, providing a source of fresh air, oxygen, and health. With innovations in smart energy, Horizons knows where there is too much or too little. By combining nature’s intelligence with man’s innovative thinking, water and waste will be biologically purified for reuse. Ultimately, Horizons positive influence feels good. As a result of collaborations of different areas of expertise, Horizons achieves pleasant living, and the greenery provides a serene space for people and animals to coexist. Horizons demonstrates that a building can provide a positive contribution of energy, nature, raw materials, and social cohesion to Mother Earth.

As a five-time icon in sustainability, Horizons proves it has made a positive and green impact on the planet. Horizons brings people together through mutual connection and an inclusive housing program where residents have shared ownership. The ground floor will be a shared living room and will provide a social atmosphere to the residents. Solar panels are part of the architecture and have been incorporated into the facade, generating more energy than the building uses, and creating space on the roofs for the city parks of the future. Horizons is a circular system that consists of 62% biobased and recycled materials and is 96% reusable at the end of its lifespan. Horizons is made from a timber construction and stores almost 3,000 tons of CO2. It is a building for nature, where the various roof gardens restore and enrich the biodiversity in this Amsterdam neighbourhood, and rainwater is collected. A healthy building with clean indoor air and closed resource cycles that reuses wastewater and waste food. It sets the example for building in harmony with nature. Horizons will set the standard for the future of residential development in Amsterdam, the Netherlands and ultimately, the world.